Saturday, 24 March 2012

Anti-kink airgun charging hose from Solware

I had a new product hit my doorstep this morning that is going to turn my frown upside down. If you charge your PCP with a micro-bore hose (like most of us do) you will be familiar with the picture below.
A poorly Micro-Bore hose 

The micro-bore hose is capable of handling massive internal pressure but hang a gun or bottle off it when charging a few times and the hose will get kinked like the one above. This can greatly reduce the pressure handling of the hose making it dangerous to use. Now most of us accept that and buy a new one once the old kinked hose looks like it is getting to unsafe to use.
However Solware are distributing an anit-kink hose that is simply brilliant. As you can see from the pictures (below) all that was needed was the wire coil which allows movement and flexibility but refuses to let you kink the hose. I actually tried to cause a kink at the weak points (Where it joins the fittings) while testing and could not get it to fail.

Even with the heavy bottle hanging the hose refuses to kink

The hoses are coiled at both ends protecting the hose

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