Saturday, 12 May 2012

.177 Defiant Ogives are incredible

I was at the range today with some pellets that I was given to try by PAX guns.
These new .177 Defiant Ogives are going to a real favorite with the guys hunting with .177 if they work like they did today in my John Bowkett Special Edition Hornet.

The ballistic coefficient of these pellets from PAX guns is incredible! They carry more down range punch than anything in it's class and over the scales they weigh up better than anything else I have tested. Weighing in at 11 grains these air bullet shaped pellets have the stopping power .177 hunters are going to love and I can really see these taking quite a chunk of the small caliber hunting pellet market if consistency and quality continue.

I have not tried them in any of the other guns I have here on test yet but one thing is for certain the Bowkett special edition Hornet I have just got absolutely loves them.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A look at 10m Sporter Air Rifle Shooting with Annabelle Bullock

I was very lucky this week, I was invited to a small shooting club in Stevenage UK to meet up with 2012 Under 21 Sporter Air Rifle Champion Annabelle Bullock. She is charming and she is also a fantastic shot with her Air Arms MPR (Multi Purpose Rifle). I took an opportunity to ask her about the sport and I also take a look at the club she started shooting at just 18 months ago.