Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rabbit Hunting in the 21st Century....

The 25th March 2012 provided a great evenings shooting with my buddy Tharek. We met up at one of my permissions that has a few rabbits on that nobody can get near with lamping gear. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give the NiteSite NS50 an outing. Tharek was quite eager to shoot the Daystate Air Wolf that Country Pursuits TV has on test too so I decided to marry them together. 

Something dawned on me after fitting the NS50 to the Air Wolf This rifle and NV add on combo represents the absolute cutting edge of air rifle hunting technology. This really was going to be Rabbit Hunting in the 21st century.

Daystate Air Wolf & NiteSite NS50 turned out to be a deadly combination
It is difficult to explain the buzz you get from using a set up like this but I will try. The Rabbit population on this particular permission have seen it all. They have been lamped, stalked and ambushed.  The younger Rabbits have the older wiser ones to look to for warning signals making them very hard to shoot. However with this Rifle/NV combo they do not know you are there. The Daystate Air Wolf with it's shrouded barrel and optional mk5 Airstream silencer is so very quiet. The tactical version with it's rubberized matte black stock lends itself perfectly to this kind of task.

The Daystate Air Wolf CPTV has on test came in this brilliant hard case.
Tharek and I were only shooting for a couple of hours but having state of the art technology had paid off. On this difficult permission we had bagged 6 of it's wily inhabitants.
The Daystate Air Wolf & NiteSite combo has proved itself to both Tharek and I on a number of occasions now being successful with Rat & Rabbit. The NiteSite has also accounted for four fox kills in three outings. Below you can see the NiteSite mounted to a Remington 700 .17 centerfire. This is the rifle I like to use for fox control when using the NiteSite NS200.

Watch the video here


  1. Good work guys can't wait for my wolf to turn up just need to sell one of my other guns and add the ns50 to the set up and jobs a gooden!! Keep it up chaps!!

    Happy hunting


    1. Thank you for commenting Damon. You are the first to comment on my new blog. I am very grateful for it.

      ATB Malc

  2. Hi from Puerto Rico where i cam't find in USA the Daystate airstream mk5 silencer please help guys nice blog!