Saturday, 24 March 2012

Anti-kink airgun charging hose from Solware

I had a new product hit my doorstep this morning that is going to turn my frown upside down. If you charge your PCP with a micro-bore hose (like most of us do) you will be familiar with the picture below.
A poorly Micro-Bore hose 

The micro-bore hose is capable of handling massive internal pressure but hang a gun or bottle off it when charging a few times and the hose will get kinked like the one above. This can greatly reduce the pressure handling of the hose making it dangerous to use. Now most of us accept that and buy a new one once the old kinked hose looks like it is getting to unsafe to use.
However Solware are distributing an anit-kink hose that is simply brilliant. As you can see from the pictures (below) all that was needed was the wire coil which allows movement and flexibility but refuses to let you kink the hose. I actually tried to cause a kink at the weak points (Where it joins the fittings) while testing and could not get it to fail.

Even with the heavy bottle hanging the hose refuses to kink

The hoses are coiled at both ends protecting the hose

Friday, 23 March 2012

Shooting live blank shotgun cartridges with air rifles

Here is a video showing my buddies and I shooting at shotgun cartridges with our PCP's.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Custom HW97 @ The Shooting Ground (Formally Broomhills)

I met up with some friends today at The Shooting Ground formally known as Broomhills. I was there testing the FF10 and Ogive pellets from Pax guns (More on these soon) and I could not help taking some pics of this superb "home made" stock designed and carved by Roger Martin. I think you will agree this guy has some skill, especially when you hear he did this using a router, an angle grinder and a chisel! 
Great job Roger!
Roger Martin with his home made stocked HW97

New .22 pellet from Pax Guns named the "Ogive"

I visited Pax Guns Friday last week to pick up the Phoenix FF10 for review and while I was there Hugh and Bob asked me I would like to try the new pellet they were releasing called the O-give (pronounced oh jeeve). The word ogive is from the French language, it pertains to the angle of the head of a bullet/pellet. This new .22 version is a 16grain air bullet style pellet that is not unlike the Dynamic and Defiant PCP range of pellets already manufactured by Pax. The quality and finish of the pellet looks excellent and on the scales they match up very well. I am told they do favor a clean barrel so I am scrubbing my test rifles barrel before I start as they tell me this pellets stability relies heavily on it griping the rifling. I will be posting test results on CPTV's YouTube channel and of course writing about it in more detail here if you're interested in this new design.
New Pellet available from Pax Guns soon....

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

 Phoenix Fast Fire 10 & NiteSite (night vision) NS50 testing

I was out shooting rats tonight while testing the Phoenix Fast Fire 10 and NiteSite's awesome NS50 night vision add on. I am doing video reviews of the Fast Fire 10 PCP take down rifle and NiteSite NS50 night vision unit so I thought I would pair them together for some ratting. The Fast Fire 10 is perfect for the Pest control guy who needs an accurate rifle that is quiet and discrete. When coupled with the NS50 this rifle become a very effective tool. It comes in a non descriptive black case that could easily be a drill or some other power tool. The NiteSite also comes in a similar case, you could arrive with a UK legal PCP and an NV unit at a job wherever it may be without raising any suspicion or unwanted attention. Please look out for the review of these items coming soon on Country Pursuits TV.

Here is an unlucky visitor who found out just how good this combo is just after this shot was taken.

NiteSite NS50, NS200 and batteries all charged up and ready to go

In this video aimed at new shooters I talk through the subject of trajectory.
Understanding a pellet/bullets flight along it's trajectory is one of the key's to becoming a crack shot.
This is a foundational subject that once understood will help you to be the best shooter you can be. When coupled with a well set up rifle and good shooting technique the knowledge and understanding of trajectory can be very satisfying. 

Everyone should know how to fit a rifle scope right? In this video Tutorial I show how I fit a scope to my John Bowkett Blueprinted BSA Scorpion.

This is something that new shooters must learn to get the best of their set up and to avoid the pitfalls on an incorrectly fitted scope. A canted, crimped or poorly positioned scope is not going to serve you well. If you follow this easy step by step video you will have a scope that shoots well and will last you until you're ready to sell it and upgrade to a new one.

Items featured in this tutorial are -

BSA Scorpion .177 single shot PCP Custom rifle stock No. FT-7
BSA Side Wheel Focus 8-32 x 44
SportsMatch 11-13mm Medium Mounts
Deben Pro Bench Rest