Tuesday, 20 March 2012

 Phoenix Fast Fire 10 & NiteSite (night vision) NS50 testing

I was out shooting rats tonight while testing the Phoenix Fast Fire 10 and NiteSite's awesome NS50 night vision add on. I am doing video reviews of the Fast Fire 10 PCP take down rifle and NiteSite NS50 night vision unit so I thought I would pair them together for some ratting. The Fast Fire 10 is perfect for the Pest control guy who needs an accurate rifle that is quiet and discrete. When coupled with the NS50 this rifle become a very effective tool. It comes in a non descriptive black case that could easily be a drill or some other power tool. The NiteSite also comes in a similar case, you could arrive with a UK legal PCP and an NV unit at a job wherever it may be without raising any suspicion or unwanted attention. Please look out for the review of these items coming soon on Country Pursuits TV.

Here is an unlucky visitor who found out just how good this combo is just after this shot was taken.

NiteSite NS50, NS200 and batteries all charged up and ready to go

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