Thursday, 22 March 2012

New .22 pellet from Pax Guns named the "Ogive"

I visited Pax Guns Friday last week to pick up the Phoenix FF10 for review and while I was there Hugh and Bob asked me I would like to try the new pellet they were releasing called the O-give (pronounced oh jeeve). The word ogive is from the French language, it pertains to the angle of the head of a bullet/pellet. This new .22 version is a 16grain air bullet style pellet that is not unlike the Dynamic and Defiant PCP range of pellets already manufactured by Pax. The quality and finish of the pellet looks excellent and on the scales they match up very well. I am told they do favor a clean barrel so I am scrubbing my test rifles barrel before I start as they tell me this pellets stability relies heavily on it griping the rifling. I will be posting test results on CPTV's YouTube channel and of course writing about it in more detail here if you're interested in this new design.
New Pellet available from Pax Guns soon....

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