Sunday, 1 April 2012

Testing the Jack Pyke LLCS (Light Leaf Concealment System) Ghillie suit

I popped over to Jack Pyke HQ to do some business last week and Glenn Lewis (sales and marketing manager for JP) asked me if I had tried the LLCS system? I had not had the opportunity to use this system yet and informed Glenn that I would be very grateful to be given the chance to check it out.
The suit is very light and packs away into a very small pouch that I have in my hunting bag. It also allows the air to circulate through it making it very cool in the warmer weather we're having. I am going to be wearing this suit a lot this summer! The pattern and leaf combo works better than any other LLCS suit I have ever used. I will be updating you all on this suits performance from time to time to let you know if there any issues.

Here is a short video showing the suit off in the field

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