Wednesday, 11 April 2012

John Bowkett Custom Rifle has arrived!

OK as some of you know I have been having a rifle made for me by John Bowkett. It arrived last week but I have only been out with it twice, once in my GINB custom stock and once in it's own original stock. I have had some issues with it in the GINB Custom stock which I believe to be harmonics related (I will do a video on this later) but in the standard stock it is a tack driver! Today it was hitting the 3x4 inch bell at 100yards time and time again with CPTV's driver/assistant Lisa Roberts behind the gun.

This .177 air rifle based on a BSA Hornet action (John Bowkett's design) features a custom regulator capable of incredible consistency.

Couple that with the new special edition non BSA barrels that John is importing and you have custom rifle that really is something else! I will of course be doing a full review of my new rifle once I have got to grips with it properly.

First indications are that John Bowkett when unencumbered by financial restraints can design and build a world class rifle that will stand side by side if not above any other air rifle in the world. I am honored to own such a superb example of his work.
Topping the rifle is the brilliant and hugely underestimated Hawke Optics Panorama 4-12 x50 EV AO and BKL single strap mounts. This version has the MAP 6A reticule which I was a little dubious about using. I have spent some time using this reticule now and feel we are going to get along just fine!

For more details about custom rifles visit John Bowkett's website

or his Facebook fan page

Here is the link to the Hawke Panorama EV =

For full details of the Hawke optics range click here =

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