Friday, 25 January 2013

SHOTGUN SLOW MOTION Clips from Ronnie Sunshines caravan carnage

In this clip I am sharing some of the content shot at the recent fundraiser and fun shoot sponsored by Ronnie Sunshines. Please click on the thumbnails to navigate to the videos. When you have finished watching the clip click the return to hub link and the end of the video and you will return here to select your next video. I hope you all enjoy watching as much as we did shooting them. 

The video Caravan Carnage can be found below


We decided to do some fun videos for Dave's (Ronnie Sunshines owner) channel a while back. This is just the first in a series of cool videos involving grown men with shotguns having fun. The videos are shot with trained professionals using all the relevant safety equipment and procedures. The camera used to film these cool clips was the awesome Sony FS700 which we rented from Hire-A-Camera 

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