Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cant Error

I recently got this question from one of the Country Pursuits TV subscribers

 Malc got a doubt I mounted a scope with spirit level and a string with a weight for the vertical line evrything was aligned properly but whn I kept the gun on the shoulder it's tilted to the right n rechecked again on a rest with spirit level n string but it spot on the line. Y is it different whn I hold the gun. Will that make changes in accuracy ? Thx

 Here is the answer I gave....

 Hi Matthew this is a common fault. Perceived correct gun alignment and actual correct gun alignment are hard to spot unless you know how. Often a correctly aligned scope will feel wrong when shouldered. It is very important that you learn to shoot with it upright though or you will get "cant error"

 This link has some great info and good diagrams to show you what that is and how it affects poi (point of impact)

I used to use a scope level to watch out for "cant" when shooting. I was surprised just how often I would be canting the rifle. When it felt wrong it was mainly right and visa versa. I hope this helps. 


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