Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hunting feral Pigeon with airguns (Air Arms TX200hc)

In this video I am invited out to do some feral pigeon control at a local multi story car park with my beloved Air Arms TX200hc. On arrival it is clear that there are quite a number of feral's at this location. About an hour in and the population wise up and disappear but not before the TX200hc and BSA Scorpion account for 27 birds. Hunting feral pigeon (or rock doves to give them their correct name) with airguns can be really good sport. However it does require some restraint when shooting them in such a busy urban environment. Take care to make sure there is always something behind the bird to stop the pellet, concrete blocks and brickwork are fine as the pellet will just drop after hitting these straight on. Avoid shooting at armco (metal barriers) or anything else that the pellet can ricochet off of. If you are shooting with a partner have him/her watch for pedestrians while you concentrate on your shot. If you get an opportunity to take two birds down (and you will) synchronise your shooting by agreeing a method designed to time you both right. I usually count " three two one go" and shoot on go. This will not always work but does 99% of the time and will help you shoot larger numbers.
If you can approach birds at night with the use of a night vision unit (NiteSite NS50/200 perfect for this) you can get good numbers that way too. If you done have NV you can use a lamp/gun light, try to use as little light as is necessary as this will help to avoid spooking the birds.
Take anti bacterial hand cleanser, disposable gloves or a littler picker for picking the birds up. You don't want to be handling the birds by hand as they can be riddled with germs like salmonella. Feral pigeon cause 100,000 of thousand of pounds of damage every year. They also spread disease and can infect humans with potentially life threatening conditions. If you do a good job and don't damage any of the property while you are there you will get invited back again. Getting on this kind of permission can take time and patients but once you have your foot in the door you will find that your services are required in some really cool places.

Good luck, safe and happy airgun shooting.
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