Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I have not been able to afford a 4x4 vehicle for sometime now but always owned one in the past. With current fuel prices and the cost of a well known all singing and dancing 4x4 being out of my reach I went on the look for something that would not break the bank.
The Dacia Duster is the UK's cheapest 4x4 with prices starting around £9k for the 2x4 petrol and £12k for the 4X4 it really does seem like a bargain. Recently awarded the Top Gear Bargain Car of the year award I thought it had to be worth a look. Looking at the spec sheet seems just too god to be true for the money they are asking but after driving it I am definitely interested in seeing a little more of what they car can do. It is the 2nd fastest selling car in Europe and with it being designed to cope with the less than perfect roads over there the ride excellent. Fuel consumption figures are my main worry when looking at this kind of vehicle. Gone are the days when I can afford to run two cars so this will be my shooting vehicle and the one I used daily for everything else. If I was running pretty much any of the vehicles out there in it's class I would be getting a fair bit less in terms of economy. I would love a Land Rover Defender or a Mitsubishi Shogun but to be honest I do not think I could afford to run one. This on the other hand will be more like running a well set up road car. I am not jumping in to buying anything yet but the Duster is definitely on my radar.

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