Saturday, 28 April 2012

MTM Predator Shooting Rest

Hi all, I have been looking for a rock solid bench test set up that I can use for testing these rifles on the indoor range at Pete's Airgun Farm. While shooting with YouTube friend Gary (digifilmshooter) I discovered the MTM Predator Shooting Rest Now don't get me wrong I had seen the MTM Shooting Rest before on channel's like the awesome and inspiring Ted's Holdover but I had never shot off of one. While Gary and I were shooting we swapped seats for a bit and I shot off it. That was that I had to have one! I ordered it from Solware through Amazon and it was here within a couple of days GREAT! Tharek and I wanted to do a build video showing how easy and quickly this superb rest goes together.

So here it is....

This awesome rest is what I will be using indoors to bring you the bench results for all the rifles I will be testing on the channel. All the items in yellow are links to the various sites I mention in this blog.
The Predator Shooting Rest is just £49.95 and IMO for the money is the most stable of these types of rests on the market. Good job MTM!

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